MEPP Contribution Rate Change February 1, 2017

December 8, 2016

The Government of Alberta has announced a change to the MEPP employer contribution rate, which will be reduced to 17.20% effective February 1, 2017. The member contribution rate remains at 12.80% next year.

Based on the most recent Actuarial Valuation, the total required contribution rate - shared by MEPP employers and members - will change from 34.65% to 30%. The current contribution rate split between employers and members for the overall contribution rate of 34.65% is:

  • employers 21.85%
  • members 12.80%

With the total contribution rate changing from 34.65% to 30%, the contribution rates between the employer and members will change to:

  • employers 17.20%
  • members 12.80%

A member's take home pay will not change because the member contribution rate remains unchanged. This change will not impact the benefits of current and future pensioners. The new rate-split between the employer and employee has nothing to do with your contribution rate, as already mentioned, but shows how the contribution share between employers and members is used to fund the plan.


  • Employer share is 63% (21.85% contribution rate of the total 34.65%)
  • Member share is 37% (12.80% of the total 34.65%)

As of February 1, 2017:

  • Employer share is 57% (17.20% contribution rate of the total 30.00%)
  • Member share is 43% (12.80% of the total 30.00%)