Frequently Asked Questions

Your relationship with the Plan doesn't end when you become a pensioner, but you might have different questions than when you were a member. Here are some of the more frequently asked questions we receive from pensioners.

Miscellaneous Questions

What happens after I have 35 years of service?

Your contributions to the Plan cease. You cannot accrue more than 35 years of pensionable service, even if you continue working beyond 35 years. However, your salary after you have accrued 35 years of service may be taken into account when calculating your highest average salary, subject to the salary cap.

Will my pension be adjusted for increases in the cost of living?

The MEPP provides for yearly Cost-of-Living Adjustments (COLA), at 60 per cent of Alberta's increase in the consumer price index. If COLA is payable, it is applied to pension payments each January.

Further information:
Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA)

Can I work while receiving a pension?

Re-employment rules were amended to allow pensioners greater flexibility to become re-employed by a MEPP employer while receiving a pension from MEPP. If you are currently receiving a pension you may now become re-employed by a MEPP employer and not have your pension suspended. Your pension continues to be paid; however, you are not allowed to contribute to MEPP during this new period of employment.

If you work with an employer that has a pension plan other than MEPP, you may be asked to contribute to their pension plan. When you leave that employment, you will be paid a benefit based on that plan's rules.

Further information:
Working as a Pensioner

Explain 'pension coordination'.

Coordination is a feature of the Management Employees Pension Plan (MEPP) offered to eligible members who retire before age 65

If you elected to coordinate your pension, you will receive a temporary increase from the time you retired until you turn 65. At age 65, the increase to your monthly payment stops and a reduction to your monthly payment begins. The reduction will continue as long as you live. This permanent reduction to your pension will continue regardless of changes to your federal benefits or your other retirement income sources.

If you commenced pension prior to January 1, 2004, please review your pension choice on the pensioner portal or contact the Member Services Centre at 1-877-422-4748.

Further Information:

If a pension is guaranteed for a certain period (5, 10 or 15 years), do I get the pension up to that time only?

Your pension will be paid to you for as long as you live. The guarantee means the pension will be paid to your beneficiary if you die before the end of the guaranteed period. If you have a guaranteed term pension you may name as many people as you would like as your beneficiaries.

What happens to my pension if I move out of the country?

Your pension will continue to be paid no matter where you live. The tax rate for pensions paid to non-residents is 25 per cent. Some countries have tax treaties which will reduce the out of country tax from 25 per cent, to between 0 per cent to 25 per cent. Your pension will be paid in Canadian dollars. A cheque can be mailed to you or we can direct deposit it into a bank account in Canada for you. You will receive an NR4 from us instead of a T4A for tax purposes.

Can my pension be direct deposited outside of Canada?

Your pension will continue to be paid in Canadian dollars no matter where you live. However, direct deposit is only available through financial institutions in Canada. A cheque can be mailed to you or MEPP can direct deposit into a bank account within Canada.

Can I have more income tax deducted?

mypensionplan is a secure website for retirees of MEPP. Using the secure mailbox you may request additional tax deductions. If you have not registered for access, go to the mypensionplan for pensioners website and click the "Register" button.

Alternatively, complete a Federal TD1 form from Canada Revenue Agency and send it to us. Fill in the "Request for additional tax" box with the new amount you would like deducted from each payment.

If you are eligible to claim additional credits from the TD1 forms, and would like to do so, please complete both the Federal and Provincial form and return them to MEPP.  To deduct other credits not included on the TD1 forms, an authorization letter from the Canada Revenue Agency will be required.  Please contact your Tax Services Office at 1-800-959-8281 for assistance with how to apply for an authorization letter.

Documents can be submitted to MEPP using our secure website at or by mail or fax.

When will I (a) receive my pension and (b) what are the deposit dates?

(a) APS finalizes the pension benefits once it receives all of the information from the member and employer.

(b) The deposit date is always the second last banking day before the end of the month, except for December. In December, the deposit date is before December 25.

Further information:
Pension Payment Dates

How do I change my banking information, address, name or beneficiary?

Address Change
Update your address by phone (as long as your payment is by direct deposit) at 1-877-422-4748.

Banking Information and Name Change
Banking information changes must be sent in writing. To change your name on our file, we need a copy of your name change document (such as a marriage certificate).

Fill out the Designation of Beneficiary Form or send in a written request.

By mail to:
MEPP c/o Alberta Pensions Services Corporation
5103 Windermere Blvd. SW
Edmonton, AB T6W 0S9

By fax at 780-415-8792.

Please do no send personal information by e-mail. E-mail is not a secure method of transmitting sensitive information (such as your member or pensioner ID, Social Insurance Number, birth date or address). To protect your privacy, any requests containing personal information should be made by telephone, fax, mail, or in person by appointment.

A pensioner died. What do I do about their pension?

We are sorry to hear of the passing of your loved one. We hope you will accept our sincere condolences.

In order for us to accurately update the file, we kindly request you contact our Member Services Centre to provide the necessary details. Additional documents may be required to update the file, and if applicable continue the pension payments.

I haven't received my T4A. How can I get a copy?

If you were retired in the previous calendar year and have not received your T4A by March 15, please contact us so we can send you a duplicate.

How do I split my pension between my ex-spouse and myself since we are getting a divorce?

In order to split pension payments between a pensioner and ex-spouse due to marital breakdown, we require a Matrimonial Property Order (MPO). Please contact us to discuss this in further detail or refer to Alberta Pensions Services Corporation's (APS) website.

How can I contact someone about pension payment information?

Please contact the Member Services Centre:

Phone: 1-877-422-4748
Toll free outside of Canada: 1-800-661-8198
Fax: 780-415-8792
Mail: MEPP c/o Alberta Pensions Services Corporation
5103 Windermere Boulevard SW
Edmonton, AB T6W 0S9

What should I do if I have a suggestion for modifying the terms of the Plan?

The Board appreciates receiving feedback/suggestions for potential plan improvements. To send your feedback/suggestions, email or write to us at the address on the contact us page.

How long do pension benefits last?

Your pension will be paid as long as you live.

When you retire, you will be asked to make a pension choice and that choice will determine how your pension will be paid to you after you die. If you have a pension partner when you retire, you will be asked to make a pension choice that ensures your pension partner is paid a pension for their lifetime if you die. Your pension partner can waive this right at the time the pension choice is made.

No matter what option you choose or how long you live, your benefit is paid for your lifetime. A single life pension pays benefits only for your life, no payments will be made to a beneficiary or your estate after your death. A normal pension can be guaranteed for ten years and is paid for your lifetime, and at a reduced rate after your death to the pension partner you named at retirement. If there is a 10-year guarantee on the normal pension, the reduction to the pension partner will not take place until the end of the guaranteed term; there is no reduction at the death of the pension partner. If you die and your pension partner dies before ten years have passed, the beneficiary of the person who lived the longest will receive pension payments for the remainder of the ten years.

Joint life pensions are payable for the lives of you and your nominee (usually your pension partner). Upon the death of either person, payments are made to the survivor for the rest of his or her life. Joint life pensions also have a ten-year guarantee in the event both member and nominee die before five years of benefits have been paid. Depending on the chosen life option, the amount payable at your death or your nominee's death may change.

  • Joint life not reduced - the same pension amount is paid until both the pensioner and nominee have died.
  • Joint life reduced by one-third after the death of either the pensioner or nominee.

A guaranteed term pension is payable for your lifetime or for a specific period of years, whichever is longer. Guaranteed term pensions may be paid for 5, 10 or 15-year terms. If you die before the end of the guaranteed period, payments will continue to your beneficiary or your estate for the remainder of that period. The longer the guaranteed term, the lower the monthly payment.

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