Stakeholder Consultation

The Board thanks MEPP members and external consultants who attended the October 27, 2017, MEPP Stakeholder session; your outstanding questions and feedback helped make the session a success.

More than 150 people participated and we're pleased to provide:

Connecting with Plan stakeholders to discuss Plan governance and receive feedback is an important component of the Board's responsibility. Our annual MEPB Stakeholder Session is one way the Board has worked to establish and maintain this critical connection to the large, diverse body of MEPP members and employers.

TIn addition to being able to deliver, firsthand, our perspective to you on the Board's role in MEPP and the work we do for the Plan, more importantly, we heard about the many ways you want to know more about the Board and the Plan, and we will be incorporating this helpful information into next year's session and our future communications with members.

Please note if you have any questions regarding your MEPP pension benefits and options, contact the Members Services Centre.

The Board continues its proactive approach to communication with stakeholders, including Plan members, on any changes to the Plan and areas of concern. This includes regular semi-annual newsletters, ad-hoc newsletters and updates and consultations with stakeholders, as needed.