MEPP Stakeholder Governance Sessions

Connecting with Plan members and employers, and receiving feedback is an important component of the Board’s responsibility. Our annual MEPP Stakeholder Session is one way the Board has worked to establish and maintain this critical connection to the large, diverse body of MEPP members and employers.

In addition to being able to deliver, firsthand, our perspective to you on the Board’s role in MEPP and the work we do for the Plan, more importantly, we received some great questions and feedback during the session and, afterward, on the evaluation forms too.

We heard about the many ways you want to know more about the Board and the Plan, and we have incorporated this helpful information into this year's session scheduled for Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at 1:30 p.m. in downtown Edmonton. Register for the free afternoon session online before November 13.

Due to low registration, and with cost effectiveness in mind, the October 2018 governance sessions were cancelled. 

More than 150 people participated the 2017 MEPP Stakeholder Governance Sessions, and we’re pleased to provide: