Funding & Investment Publications

Annual Reports and Financial Statements

Every year, the Management Employees Pension Plan (MEPP) publishes an annual report detailing the previous year's financial operations. MEPP's annual reports include financial statements, income statements, Plan funding, an auditor's report and a description of Plan operations.

Investment and Funding Policies

The Management Employees Pension Board (MEPB) sets the Investment Policy for the MEPP Fund. Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo) invests the MEPP Fund within the parameters of the Policy. The Board has many tools to assess the investment needs and funding requirements of the Plan. You can read these polices below.

Actuarial Valuations

The Board is responsible for monitoring the funding status of the Plan. As established in legislation, an external actuary performs an actuarial valuation for MEPP, at minimum, every three years. A valuation determines the current financial position of the Plan as well as future contribution rates needed to fund the Plan.

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