SRP Advisory Committee

The President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance has the legislative authority to call upon the Management Employees Pension Board (MEPB) or an established committee to lead the Supplementary Retirement Plan (SRP).

The SRP Advisory Committee consists of three members who are employees of the Government of Alberta representing the following areas:

  • One member from the Public Service Commission, appointed by the Public Service Commissioner.
  • One member from Treasury and Risk Management (TRM) Division in Treasury Board and Finance.
  • One member from Financial Sector Regulation and Policy (FSRP) Division in Treasury Board and Finance.

SRP Advisory Committee Members

Haripaul Pannu,
Committee Chair

Director, Pension Policy
Alberta Treasury Board and Finance

Kim Flynn,
Committee Member

Manager, Pension and Benefits
Workforce Policy
Public Service Commission
Government of Alberta

Stephen Thompson,
Committee Member

Executive Director, Capital Markets
Alberta Treasury Board and Finance

Plan Secretariat Staff

Jody Tol

Plan Board Specialist

Heather Tkachuk

Plan Board Director

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